Shopify Nightmare # 5: VAT Taxes on Products Wrongly Calculated by Shopify

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If I want a gross price (VAT included) of 3,50 Euros to show to the customer FOR ITALY for example, where VAT on food is 4%, the NET PRICE I should fix in my product is 3,37 Euros, simple mathematics: 3,37 + 4% = 3,50 (please Shopify Team reading this, take a basic calculator and you will find the same number).


Shopify Nightmare #5

Calculator of Shopify system, shows instead for the same product a customer price of 3,43 (?????).
If I go to the checkout with this product, it is showing a right calculation of VAT (0,13 Euro) but a WRONG ADDING, since it still shows GROSS PRICE 3,43 Euro, saying this VAT IS INCLUDED there, as I would have fixed 3,30 Euro!!!!! No way!!! I am happy from one side I’m unveiling this important bug in your system, strange that millions of users didn’t warn or Shopify team is not getting aware of this. There is for sure a MATH mistake in Shopify internal code making a strange wrong calculation. UNBELIEVABLE. UNACCEPTABLE.

Help Assistance of Shopify, not solving the issue yet, told me that perhaps is a proble of CURRENCY CONVERSION. BUT NO CURRENCY CONVERSION problem should apply to my store, since by now I AM SELLING IN A SINGLE CURRENCY (EURO) to countries in European Union using this currency, so the problem of the above wrong calculation of price has nothing to do with currency conversion.


Hope to find here better elighted minds that in Shopify Assistance, telling me how to solve. Thanks

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