Shopify not including municipal tax

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I have "auto-retrieve local tax rates" selected.


Under settings- taxes, underr "county, municipal, and state taxes" it shows my zip code and, under "county, municipal, and other taxes" is shows "0.0% to 2.0%." The textt is a link, and when I click on it it brings up Texas and a list of zip codes. When I type in my zip code it shows "State- 6.25%, Municipal- 2.0%" This is correct, but not reflected when I conduct a transaction.

How do I convince this app to include the 2.0% in my transactions?


Thank you.

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Hmm, it says on this help page that you can add in an override to your automatic tax rates. If the problem is consistent and the same across the board, if you add a manual override to add 2% then it could solve the issue. Try it out and let us know? 🙂 

Hopefully this serves as a start, 


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Thanks for sharing it.

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