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Hi There,


I have been attempting to find a way or an app that can help me breakdown each of my payouts by transaction and within each transaction pulling out: 

Fx rate.

Shopify fee

Shopify Fee Vat

Insternational Transactiob Fee

International Transaction Fee VAT 


The export file in payouts does not suffice for accountancy purposes as it groups the four types of fees above into one field in excel/csv. 


I can see the full breakdown in the payouts section within the shopify app but I need this breakdwon in excel format.


Has anyone any experience with this? Have you used a finance app to do this for you? 


I spoke with our shopify success manager and was informed this wasn't something offered in Shopify. There must be something out there that can automate this? 


I am currently having to manually plug all of this info in, I can't imagine larger busiensses have the capacity to do this so there must be a solution out there!! Please could someone help me. 


Thanks, Laura


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You can see the data that the transaction api provides here Transactions (


It only gives the fee from your list. Without Shopify providing the data in the api its not possible for us to fetch it

Jordan Holmes
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Hi Jordan - 

The information in the API is not enough. I need to export or create a file that can account for each fee in a separate column in a csv file. 


Below is an example order. 

I need the following to sit in a separate column within a csv/excel 

  1. Order Number
  2. Gross Total 
  3. Converted Total
  4. FX RATE
  5. Shopify payments fee 
  6. Shopify Payments fee VAT
  7. Currency conversion Fee
  8. Currency Conversion Fee VAT 
  9. Net total





Do I take it from what you are saying that this is impossible to do through Shopify or any other app as the API doesn't exist to facilitate exactly what I am asking? 


Thanks, Laura

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You are correct. The api does not have that data and so developers could not make you a custom app to get the result you want.


It would need to come from Shopify. 

Jordan Holmes
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Hi @Laura58 ,

Currently, it's not possible to achieve this through Shopify's built-in reports.

Report Pundit has the option to display a breakdown of payouts that contain details such as Shopify fees, Shopify fees plus VAT, international transaction fees, international transaction fees plus VAT, and much more. Reports can be exported in CSV, Excel, and PDF formats.

For several Shopify merchants, we have fulfilled the mentioned requirement.

We offer access to more than 80 pre-made report templates as well, in case you need them.

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