Shopify report for preparing an Australian BAS

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I'm hoping someone can help me with what I thought was a really simple problem - which report do I run to assist with preparing my BAS?


I'm looking for a report that shows:

- Total Sales

- GST included in sales

- Merchant/Shopify Fees


The payout summary would be ideal, however it doesn't show the GST amount. As I sell products overseas, I can't assume that all transactions have 10% GST on them. 


I have run the Total Sales report, but this doesn't show the Shopify Fees deducted from the transactions prior to depositing it in my bank (also, it's near impossible to run the report so that it matches the transactions on my payout summary).


Ideally, I'd like to record the transaction in my bookkeeping software once, when the settlement is received in my bank, rather than messing around with journals. (i.e. one transaction of: gross sales including GST(Aust Sales); gross sales where GST not applicable (overseas sales); less merchant fees)


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Unfortunately, there isn't a Shopify report that can provide this information all in one place.


Our Report Toaster app can help. You could start with our Financial Summary report template and customize as you need. We also have reports specifically for taxes that can be used as well. If you decide to install the app, feel free to reach out to support for any help you need. Thanks!

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Hello @Sonya153 ,

With Report Pundit you can generate premade and customized payout reports for your store.

With data fields Including Total sales, Tax rates, Shopify fees, and for your information you can add multiple tax rates to the same report.

Hope this will resolve your query.


Report Pundit - Instant reports and custom dashboards

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Yes you can do that yourself to using filter fuctions on order page,

1. Order page 
2. Fliter (Right above the current order number)

3. Click "Destination" -  Type "Australia"- Select all

4.  Export ( Top on the right side)
5. Choose the date you want to see "Order by date"
6. Exports as CSV for Excel
Screenshot 2023-05-10 200901.jpg


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After you export to Excel file, you can sort the GST easily.