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Hi there,


I'm wondering if there's a Shopify report that I can run, which will tell me my monthly net sales *after* the Shopify payments 2.9% fee is factored in?


I know there's a report for net sales, but when I look at it, it only tells me the retail price of the product that was sold, for example:

Retail price of a product is $21.99 (the amount that shows on the net sales report). Total after tax is $23.09. But actually, the true net amount I receive is $22.12 ($23.09 x 2.9% + $0.30).


Is there a report that gives me the true net amount I make on my sales?

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Hello @DF88,

Default Shopify reports do not have the option to consolidate the data you need to see in your report. You can use Report Pundit for your requirement.

You can use our pre-built Shopify payout report for your requirement. You can modify the date range to view the monthly net sales after Shopify payments.

Also, we can build the report for you if you need help. You can use our 14-day trial period to see if our reports will fit your needs.


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Hi there, 


My name is Nati, I'm from the team at . While calculating your net sales including your Shopify payments fee isn't possible through Shopify - this is definitely achievable using our profit analysis platform. In fact, using BeProfit you'll be able to see your profit per product and order after taking into account every expense, including payment fees.


Happy to help set this up.

Good luck!

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Hi @DF88 have you found a solution for this? As the others have mentioned, Shopify doesn't currently provide such a report- if you're still open to considering other apps for this feature, I'd like to suggest Datma.


You can run a report to find your net sales for various time periods, including monthly. You can also select your desired granularity for the shown data such as day, week, or month. 


Feel free to message me if you have any questions or need further info. We also have a 30-day free trial available if you wanna test out Datma's analytics.


I hope this helps 🙂