Shopify Tax Collection is activated, but not collecting taxes on orders

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I see on orders that tax is not be collected. 

I checked my Shopify Tax setting and it is activated. 

We have the Shoopify Tax account. So it should be done for me. 

Need assistance.

Thank You 


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Taxes can also be enabled for each individual product/variant (in addition to the store as a whole). So you'll want to check that your products are set to charge tax too. Otherwise, the tax rates you have set in your main 'tax settings' page won't be applied at checkout. This is a common issue when migrating/importing products from another platform. It's easy to fix though!


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If you have a lot of products to edit, then you can export your products to CSV file: 


Edit the column for "Variant Taxable" to be "TRUE" for all products. Save changes, then import the file back into Shopify.

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