Shopify tax for my municipality calculations are wrong

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Does anyone know how to get the Shopify team  to fix tax calculations that are wrong when you export orders via CSV file? In this case, it is a small 1% tax that Shopify thinks is collected by the city, which is actually collected by the *state* (the PPRTA tax, as shown in screenshot). This has been going on for awhile now, and is creating a lot of "shadow work" as I have to recalculate all these taxes manually on a spreadsheet in order to file my sales tax returns. I've already clarified with both taxing authorities that just as it says at the very bottom, the PPRTA 1% tax IS in fact, collected by the state, not the city.

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However, when I export my orders, Shopify is calculating city tax at 4.07% and including the 1% that's collected by the state, thus creating the headache of having to recalculate all these values manually with every filing:

Shopify city tax wrong.JPG

Shopify team, if you see this, can you PLEASE have someone fix this?
Link to the city of Colorado Springs sales tax info: 


Shopify Tax is held up as accurate but in this case, it's clearly NOT. I'd be so thrilled to see the Shopify team get this programming fixed, it would be SUCH a huge timesaver.... The PPRTA tax should have its own category and then it can easily be added to the State tax amounts for filing and payment....

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I was going to make a comment but then I realized I was wrong and can't delete.

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Would this 3rd party software help you?  It was set up to solve these issues that you are coming up against.