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Show all prices with tax included and Tax Exempt Customers

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Okay, as of this writing none of my product's prices have taxes added, but I'm wanting to have all my prices shown WITH taxes included.  I know how to go about this (I believe, anyway, with preliminary testing), by changing the prices of my products to reflect the after tax price, then ensuring the checkbox titled 'Show all prices with tax included' is activated.  When testing this with a normal customer account, everything works fine.


However, I have a significant amount of customers who are tax exempt, and when a tax exempt customer attempts to order, Shopify doesn't remove the taxes automatically like I anticipated.  Is there anyway to show the price WITHOUT taxes added to tax exempt customers when they're logged in?  I could simply create a discount to counteract the added taxes, but then if I run a sale requiring a promo code my tax exempt customers wouldn't be able to apply it, since only one discount can be applied per order.  This is something I'd very much like to avoid.  Any help would be appreciated!

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Hi @BSnod 


Vincent here from Shopify!


You are absolutely right in saying that, in order to display prices including VAT, you enter the price of the products as you want them to be presented to your customers, and then tick the checkbox for "All taxes are included in my prices" in your tax settings; your shop will then display the end price for all your customers, and will show the applicable tax rate for each customer when they reach the checkout, depending on the VAT-rate you have set for their country.


To discount these prices for registered customers, you can use one of the wholesale pricing apps in our app store. These apps are all developed by external developers so they each have their own functionality and price plan, I recommend reading the description of the apps that look as possibly suitable solutions, and then trying some of them out in your store by taking advantage of the free trial periods that most apps offer. If you have questions about a specific app, you can reach out to the developers of the app directly, see this page of the app "Bold Custom Pricing: Wholesale" as an example.


Bold Custom Pricing: Wholesale is an app I definitely recommend checking out, other apps that could be suitable solutions are:


Finally, there is an app called "Tax Exempt Manager", this app claims to offer VAT-exemptions without having to use customer accounts, so this might be an option to explore as well.


I hope one of these is a suitable solution for you!


Something that may also be of use at some point in the future is this help-document about tax overrides & exemptions.


All the best! Vincent

Vincent | Community Guru @ Shopify
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