Show Prices as VAT inc. and VAT exc.

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I am about to publish my website soon.

The shop is based in Japan. Like most Japanese shops, I would like to show prices as both VAT included, and VAT excluded.

I came across the link below. However, it says that “This solution will only work if your products have only one variant”.

On my site, products have 2 variants.

Could you please suggest a solution?

Best regards



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Hopefully you have already found a solution, however I wanted to share how I solved this. I also have an online shop based in Japan.
In my case, I show all prices excluding tax and wanted to show this by a label after the price. To solve that I have added a piece of code in the product-price.liquid template:

<span class="price-item price-item__tax">
{% if shop.taxes_included %}
{{ 'products.product.tax_included' | t }}
{% else %}
{{ 'products.product.tax_excluded' | t }}
{% endif %}

The 'products.product.tax_included' and 'products.product.tax_included' variables are translations since I have a bilingual shop (Japanese and English).
With the 'price-item__tax' CSS class that I added to the theme.scss.liquid template, I can do some necessary formatting.

Hope this may help you with your problem.

Cheers! Sacha