So frustrated with money disappearing and no one can tell me where it is going

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I have two recurring charges coming out of my bank account that no one can tell me what they are.  I've been to my bank, and even the fraud dept can't tell me what they are.


Looking in my Shopify admin, all I can see are my subscription payments of $39 per month, and of course I can see that on my bank statement.


The mystery charges are:

"Billing authnet gateway ACH corp debit"

"Mthly fees bankcard ACH corp debit"


My bank fraud dept does not know where these are coming from, so I wondered if they were my credit card processing fees from Shopify, but I don't see anything under billing other than my $39 per month subscription.


The new Shopify support bot is 100% useless -- I've tried to get some help from it but it just keeps asking me if I have a store yet.


If you have any idea what I'm looking at on my bank statement, any help would be appreciated!  

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Those do look like credit card charges. Do you run credit card charges though  If you are using a company like, you should be able to contact them and get reports on fees. Shopify tends to hide the fees for credit card transactions in their reports. You'll notice that the amounts being deposited into your account don't match the amounts collected during the sales. Shopify deducts their fees but it's hard to find good reports on those deductions. If you are using a third party for credit card transactions, Shopify still charges you a per transaction fee.

Depending on your volume you may want to look into a third party for having your transactions posted into your accounting system. It can make a huge difference in knowing that you are booking correctly. We use a company for that and we are able to reconcile against Shopify, Paypal, and several other services and we know if we are missing any deposits. It allows us to reconcile with confidence. If you decide that you want to go that way, let me know and I will put you in contact with the right people.