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Hi, I hope this is the right forum for this query. 


We have some quite specific reporting needs for our Shopify store, and I was hoping to check with someone from your team whether your app might be able to help us meet those needs.


The income from different products in our store go towards different budget lines. Our transactions team needs to see a report that:

·        Itemises each transaction included in a particular payout

·        Accounts for Shopify’s fees in the report...


So that we know exactly how much of the payout should go to each budget line. This is tricky to report on because customers can obviously choose different products within a single order, but the fee is taken from the overall order, so it's hard to attribute it automatically.  


Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Hi @sebbaird ,

I'm from Report Pundit, an app for custom reports and analytics.

We have a pre-built report that will show every transaction in a Shopify payment deposit. You can also see each product sold and quantity and many other fields that add up to the deposit amount.

For the Shopify fees, even though the fee is charged at an order level, we can create a custom column that will allocate the fees based on the transaction value of the line.

We have a 14-day free trial to see if Report Pundit will meet your reporting needs. Our support team will create a custom report for free.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


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