State by State Tax Reports Broken Out by County

State by State Tax Reports Broken Out by County

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Hi there, 


We're having a tough time being able to generate Sales Tax reports that match the requirements by each state. For instance the state of Washington needs us to provide a list of all sales tax collected in each county that we sold to. The sales tax report does provide those numbers, but it does not provide the sales total. 


Also each state has slightly different requirements. Has anyone had luck generating simple reports to provide the data needed? 

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You can use the Report Toaster app to do this. Many of our customers use our app as an alternative to TaxJar. Please feel free to take a look and let us know if you need any help.


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Thank you for the suggestion, we'll definitely take a look!


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Hi @Kylek-NSS ,


Keanna here from the Better Reports support team. I would recommend our app Better Reports for this! 


We can create a custom report showing sales by tax names in unique combinations (state and county typically). This would allow you to easily track the overall sales by each county. This can be further broken down based on taxable vs nontaxable sales. You can filter the report based on the tax state or look at all states in a single report. The report could also be broken down monthly or over whatever period you need for your reporting.


In addition to custom reporting capabilities, Better Reports offers more than 60 built-in reports that cover your most common reporting needs including sales, current inventory, refunds, payouts, and more. Our reports can even be scheduled to send at a set frequency to your email or Google Drive!


I encourage you to install Better Reports and start your free 14-day trial and I'll be happy to set this up for you.

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Hello @Kylek-NSS ,

I'm John, the founder of Report Pundit, a reporting and analytics software that has received over 900 five-star reviews.

Report Pundit allows you to create customised tax reports with sales details for each state, city, and county.

We also provide 80+ pre-built reports, including Canadian tax report, Product tax report, Tax per state, among many others. The report can be sorted and filtered by State, County, and many other factors.

Further, We can custom schedule the report to your Email, Google Sheets, Google Drive, FTP & Big query on an Hourly, Daily, and Monthy basis.

I request you to install our Report Pundit App with a 14 day trial period and we will set up the reports free of cost.

You can reach us at


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