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Struggling with Quickbooks to Shopify POS migration?

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Just a friendly warning to anyone who accesses this group in search of information about IRL customer experiences with the migration from Quickbooks POS + Enterprise to Shopify POS + Enterprise - the data connector from Shopify to Enterprise did not work for us. Shopify support was unbearably slow to respond, typically making us wait 10 days between messages. Ultimately, they could not fix the issue, after SIX WEEKS of very slow back-and-forth. We were already using Shopify for eCommerce, so the switch to POS was somewhat simple and we are happy with the POS system so far. But we still do not have a way to connect Shopify POS to Quickbooks Enterprise. 

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I'm sorry to hear about your experience. If you still need help, send me a direct message. 


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Thanks for your post @empirechrome! I've raised this to the team for further review.  

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Any updates on this? Have a similar setup and don't need this to happen.

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Same situation here.  We run a multi-store + web config and shopify has largely been unable to even understand the way retail works, let alone help with their own integration.  Just this morning, after weeks of working on the migration, a support "specialist" posed this question to me: "Is Quickbooks an app in the Shopify marketplace?"

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I have had the same problem repeatedly. The support people are very nice, but when I bring up things that are essential to in person sales (being able to put a negative quantity in a receipt for return, being able to offer gift receipts that don't show every single item the person bought, so. many. other. things) the support person has never thought of how that might be important to a brick and mortar store. I get a lot of "oh! now that you have explained that to me as a customer service issue, I can see why you might want that"


In the 4 days since I switched to Shopify POS, I have had to apologize to my customers a lot. which is not the way to keep us in business. This POS is not fully ready to be an in person sales system. we have created elaborate work arounds for things that should be basic functions


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Our experience with support has been opposite. Yes, if the software can’t do something Quickbooks POS did, it’s disappointing, and hopefully management is looking at adding some of these features, but the support people can only log the request.
On the migration from Quickbooks POS, it was extremely “rocky”, through no fault of ours. The migration tool to me is almost useless. It also took 18 hours, to convert our data. A simple export from QBPOS and uploading it into Shopify would probably work better. ALL of our barcodes, had a zero added to them by the migration tool, so when we went live, we couldn’t ring anyone up because Shopify didn’t recognize the barcode, because it was altered. There is no reason for this, and whoever coded the migration tool should be fired. Also, we depending tremendously on the Alternative Lookup – it’s was basically our “SKU” and it doesn’t come over in the migration, so finding a product the barcode scanner doesn’t recognize is a nightmare. We have QBPOS next to the ipad and have to look up the item and the exact name of it, and then find it in Shopify. We have been deleting zeros as fast as we can, mainly on most active products, so it is getting better on a daily basis. We have also been adding the Alternative Lookup to the product descriptions of fast movers, so we can find it quickly. I do like the simplicity of Shopify compared to QBPOS. Payments into our account are also faster the Quickbooks Payments.
Yes, doing a return or exchange that was purchased in QBPOS is messy, but it’s not happening enough to matter really (twice out of 100’s of sales). In another 30 days or so, that problem won’t exist really. Returns or exchanges within Shopify is a breeze if the original purchase as done in Shopify.
It’s been about 3 weeks since going live, and it’s our busiest time of the year, but it is getting better, and now we can ring people up on our Iphone when busy. We have been having some problems with the barcode scanner and the Tap and Pay sensor unpairing itself randomly, but support told us how to “forget” it and repair. Stocky has a ton of known problems and is very glitchy. Hopefully they will get these fixed.

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Your quickbooks data already had the zero added... Not sure how long you used POS but its been that way from the start. I had to use a macro to remove the first digit of the UPC so I could send purchase order reports to vendors in QBPOS. Just export your data into a csv, and remove the first digit from your UPCs, then re upload it. Solved the problem for our 8,000+ products. Excel is your friend 🙂 Styles not being converted into variants is the biggest problem for us, but it only affects our online store so we can continue to sell variants normally in person. I just have to setup a new product with its variants done correctly and then archive the old ones as we publish it online. Only issue is stocky doesn't forget the old products that are archived and you loose the sales history.

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I also have been in migration hell with "advisors" who don't seem to understand Shopify at all and the "specialized migration team" who know even less.  I get scripted responses that don't fix my issues.  Have even been told to contact Quickbooks when it is a Shopify issue, not quickbooks.  I'm ready to pull the plug and go back to unsupported Quickbooks POS until I find something that works.


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Let me know what you end up using! We're not using shopify.

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I'm likely going back to Quickbooks POS since I already have a 3rd party
merchant service provider until I can figure out a solution.