Success in the Quickbooks POS to Shopify POS migration?

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Hi! I was wondering if another has successfully complete the Quickbooks POS to Shopify POS migration without fail yet! I know on our end that we kept getting some kind of server error and so the Products and Inventory were imported outside of the Connector app with the stocky API key. When we tried to create a new Purchase Order in Stocky the app returned nothing in search. It's like none of the products were integrated in Stocky, if that makes any sense. I am hoping to reset the migration after inventory in January. And hope to have better luck by then!

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We finally just disconnected Shopify and QuickBooks. Shopify does a good job of making it easy for staff of our point of sale store to process purchases (cash or credit card) by customers and create and manage purchase orders and track inventory. With a third party app we were able to generate a report that  makes daily entry of sales in QuickBooks a three-minute task. Shopify's staff were very polite and endlessly patient but never quite understood the problem or were able to resolve the interconnection. Direct contact with the programmers might have done better but I doubt it.

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Which 3rd party app did you send up using instead?
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I'd like to know as well.
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Others asked, but thought I'd ask again what you switched to using?  Shopify's "connector app" is completely messing up our accounting entries in QuickBooks.  Thank you.

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You can reset the migration!   It does require help from Shopify to start over.  
your issue wilts stocky is related to how stocky distinguishes vendors and suppliers.  A vendor is a company which supplies one brand of products.   Suppliers sell many brands.  In stocky you have to setup a supplier so stocky knows which vendors are associated with on supplier.   
you may need to clean up your inventory before this so that your products are organized by their vendor.   
if you were using quickbooks POS this is the equivalent of a filter.   
you are welcome to reach out if this isn’t clear.   
I had the same issue but it’s not a stocky failure it’s simply learning how to use it to leverage the information.   
my company is dog dog cat in South Lake Tahoe.   Look me up if you need help.  I’m new to it also but learned a lot in a few weeks.