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Successful transition to Shopify with product variants: any experiences?

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Anyone have success with product variants when transitioning to shopify?  Or, will we have to do this manually?   When we transitioned, it brought everything over as individual products taking Title+attribute+size and making it the product name.   This is unfortunate if we have to figure this out manually.

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No success.  Same results.  Did you call 833-476-1302?  For what it's worth, I'm convinced there are flaws in the QB Data Migration program.    

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If there is not a native way in your current process to bring in items as variants you will want to create a post-process.


You will need to figure out what the business logic is that associates sets of items together to be the variants of a product, e.g. sku conventions, tags, names, etc.


Then export a small sample set of your product data to CSV,  small set so that when you reimport your only affecting a few product for learning and testing purposes until sure the product-CSV format is understood and it's correct after troubleshooting any  CSV import problems.

  Then use Excel or Google sheets to re-organize the flat-products into product-variants, you may want to bring in a spreadsheet expert to help you build the business logic into spreadsheet formulas. 


If flat-products being imported will be a reoccurring process considering build a custom automation* using a scriptable automation tool like usemechanic to.

Since it's so custom no such thing exists off the just general examples like:


If you need something like this built, or consulted on then contact me directly by mail for services.
Please always provide context and specificity, examples: the store url, theme name, post url(s) , software used, data samples,  or any further detail, etc.
Contact Info in signature.



*Note that shopify-flow cannot be used for this easily since it doesn't have actions to create products/product-variants. 

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Hi, @UniformsDebbie.


Welcome to the Shopify Community!


I would like to advise that the products will transfer as individual line items instead of being set up as 1 product but multiple variants in that product. A current workaround would be exploring the app Hextom: Bulk Product Edit. 


Another option is manually exporting your products via a CSV file  once in Shopify and make the adjustments to turn them into variants. Then, import that CSV file back into Shopify. Your products/variants must include the QB ListID tags attached.

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