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Swiss Online Shop : how can I have the VAT subtracted at checkout for customers ordering outside of Switzerland ?

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I manage a Swiss based online shop. Most of our customers are in Switzerland, so I have the country VAT set at 7,7% and the "All taxes are included in my prices" option checked in the "Taxes"  Settings, and also the box "Charge taxes" checked for each product.

1) How can I have the 7,7% deduced from the price for our customers outside of Switzerland? I already created the Shipping zones with a list of countries. Having the countries VAT set at 0% doesn't seem to impact the price at checkout, when you change the country in the form.

2) I need to have my prices shown tax included when a customer navigates in the shop, but it would be nice to have a second line in the product page with the price minus 7,7% for for non-swiss shipping destinations. Is it difficult to set in the code?

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This would be of interest for mee too ... it shows 0% Tax but it is not deduced ?!

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