Switched from Shopify to QBPOS: what's your experience?

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Got my 3rd party credit card processing up and running and we are now back to using QBPOS.  We had to manually input all of the work that was done in Shopify over the past month to get QBPOS up to date, but it was worth it!  It's so nice to be able to run my business normally again. Of course, it's a temporary fix until I can choose another POS, but now I definitely know what I want and don't want (Shopify).   I don't know yet if I'll get any money back or if I can send any hardware back, but at least I'll stop losing more money every day because I can't perform basic business functions.  At least I'll get my sanity back!


I will also be looking to replace QB Desktop.  Intuit is clearly putting all of their efforts into the online version (I've tried it and it's terrible!) and I feel it's only a matter of time before they discontinue QB Desktop too.  What a disappointment Intuit has become.


I will continue to monitor this forum in the hopes that some more of you will share the new POS solutions that you've chosen and let us all know how you like them.  I'm also really hoping someone gets a class action lawsuit going.  Good luck to you all.

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We are pretty much in the same situation! It's so sad that Intuit has caused so much trouble with this, and because we couldn't know how bad the integration would be until after we committed all the time and money into it. It's likely to be more work doing journal entries to get things into the proper accounts than doing manual entry.

Right now, we are looking at QB online also. The good news there is that there a lot more POS options that will integrate. I'm also hoping to find possibilities here. Wishing you well.