Tax Exempt for US States as a foreign registered eShop necessary?

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Hi there,

Situation: Me, having a company registered in south-east-asia, delivering products from a supplier in US to customers in US (and other countries).


Before I engange a tax expert in my country or in US, I wanted to clarify with non-US shop owners how you have handled the tax-exempt topic for certain states in US? Have you consultated an expert in this field in US? Or someone who even filled out all required forms? Have you done all this before your shop went online?


Honestly, seeing the documents/ forms I have even doubts whether I need to fill those documents out, since they use quite some specific US terms which are not in use in my country (e.g. sellers permit number).  According to the supplier I need to fill them out.


Or is there a work-around to bypass this tax-exempt issue, except not to deliver to the certain states?


Looking forward to your replies.



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