Tax Exempt on the fly

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We need to collect taxes from several states and we want to give the option to our customers to provide the Tax-Exempt Certificate before they place the order with us.

What will be the best way to accomplish this? we can't refund the taxes after they place the order (for accounting purposes) we need to have the tax-exempt certificate before they place the order.

Draft idea:

Provide a list of states on the Cart page with a checkbox to check if the order is being shipped to any of the above-mentioned states and the customer is tax-exempt for that state with a field to attach the certificate.

If the certificate is attached then no tax will be collected at the checkout.

I was wondering if there is any endpoint through which I could exempt the customer for specific order at runtime? Or is there any other possible solution to change the turn the tax on/off depending upon the above-mentioned scenario? 

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