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Hey there

So this coming weekend in Massachusetts 8/29-8/30 is tax free weekend in the state.  Most states now have a tax free weekend every year in the summer.  But getting it set up properly is a headache.  There are always exemptions that vary by state.  But the only options within shopify are to add tax exemptions by catalog.  Here in Mass the major restriction this year is tax free status is for any product under $2500, those over are not exempt.  Right now there is no way to automate this exemption.  Therefore I am forced to manually turn off taxes for all my products and all their variants except for those that are about $2500.

This obviously is not going to be fixed for anyone this year but for 2021 and beyond it would be great if Shopify would enhance their options around tax collecting and exceptions to give us merchants more options to streamline the process.  It would also be great if we could set a start and end time so it automatically turns the exceptions on at 12:01am on the day it starts and off at 11:59pm on the day it ends.

And before all you app developers chime in about building an app for sale, this is a core functionality that Shopify should have for all its users.  Tax collecting functions should not be something left up to app devs.




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AGREED! I have an online and brick and mortar business in MA and every year around this time my staff and I try to figure out all of the manual workarounds. I would love it if Shopify created a feature to assist businesses with temporary tax waivers.

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Hi there!

Floridian here and I just want to echo this request. Our tax free "weekend" starts tomorrow for a full week, and I can't find any way that's simple enough to turn off tax for the eligible items and amount. Please and thank you, Shopify!!

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Very much needed. Such a headache right now with the tax free weekend.

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Yes, agree with you!