Tax included from some SKU, tax excluded for other SKU for European Union Shop.

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Hi devs and business owners. I own an e-commerce in Italy and I offer products for B2C clients and B2B clients. Certain SKUs are only visible for B2C clients either they are registered or not, while other SKUs are only visible for registered B2B clients (boxes of products to buy in bulk). 

I'm driving nuts with taxes on SKUs. As you may know European customers (unlike US customers) have no idea of what a VAT is, and if they see it charged at the checkout they'd be pretty pissed as they believe is a "hidden cost" and we as a company have not been transparent when showing prices. So for B2C clients, all products are displayed VAT included. 

While for B2B clients, they want to see products price excluded VAT, and see the VAT charged only at the checkout (or not charged at all if registered in the vies system). 

Unfortunately with Shopify you can only select on of the two options for the WHOLE website, and not SKU by SKU.

This really sucks as I used to have a woocommerce and I had way more flexibility, now I can't launch the shopify website for this feature even if everything else is ready. If you had a problem like this and somehow solved it, Please help!


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