Tax Overrides for Apparel in New York

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Hi Shopify Community!

I am new to Shopify (on a trial) and trying to discern if it can work for me. I will be selling apparel only (each item under $110) and I am based in NY. I have my sales tax number for NY, and my only nexus is in NY. 

What complicates everything is that there is no STATE sales tax on clothing in NY state (when each item is under $110), but there are 75 jurisdictions in NY state for tax purposes, and there 11 different local rates being charged (ranging from 0% to 4.875%). The official doc is here:

How in the world do I account for this in Shopify? All guidance I could find just says to use tax overrides -- but I don't see how to do this locally (images hopefully included in this post). When I go into my tax settings I only have the option to set an override for the entire state -- I don't see it broken down any further. Is this because I'm in a trial account? 

I looked for other community posts, but the only ones I could find were several years old, so I'm hoping an elegant solution has been created by now (desperate fingers crossed)...?

Also, to make matters more confusing, when I report sales tax to NY state on a quarterly basis, I need to break it down by jurisdiction. What's possible with Shopify reporting?

Finally, do apps like Tax Jar step in to calculate the correct rates at checkout, or do they only provide reporting? I have a call in a couple of days with them, but wondering if anyone has any experience. 

Thank you in advance for any help anyone can provide. I'm really excited to create and launch my store (legally), but I'm also getting really disheartened that it's not going to be possible, or at least without a LOT of extra time/effort/money. 

- Jenn


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Hi Jenn! Did you ever get a solution to your problem? I'm facing the same issue. I saw a similar post from another user that went unanswered. 

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Has anyone figured this out?