Tax question - Europe but Non-EU to US customers

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I'm starting by first droppshiping store, and I have question about Taxes.

So, company is based in Europe, but my country isn't part of EU. I plan to use Aliexpress to find manufacturers which products I will be selling in my store. So I assume, all manufacturers are going to be from Chine.

I will be selling products to USA and EU customers.

Do I have to collect any taxes?


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adding me in thread

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Hello Bamby. 

According to U.S. laws you may have to file tax returns if your income is effectively connected with the U.S. it not a simple explanation with a yes or no answer but it largely depends on how you sell. If you use amazon fulfillment then the answer is yes. 


If you need further assitence please feel free to scehdule a consultation with us.