Tax rates for US-based company shipping overseas?

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Hi all,


I'm just getting started with a Shopify store and Printful integration to sell t-shirts and poster prints. My single-member LLC only has one nexus, located in California.

I'm curious about selling internationally—do I need to set tax rates for overseas countries I plan to sell to, and am I responsible for remitting taxes to those countries? (It doesn't make sense to me that as a seller without a nexus in those countries, that I would need to pay taxes, but I've seen posts about VAT and GST, etc., so I'm trying to make sure I do my due diligence.)

I would imagine this has been covered already, but I've been having trouble finding a prior post in the community boards, or in the Shopify and Printful docs, and I cannot seem to find the right combination of keywords to get helpful results in a Google search. The only posts I've been able to find regard being a seller outside of the United States (i.e. having a nexus in Great Britain or India).

Thanks for your help!

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