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I'm trying to report to the BOE for Tax by county in California. Is there any way I can get a report from shopify that will do this. All mine seems to do is LA and Orange County and then rest is just CA tax, yet I need all the various cities in their counties. To do this manually is balls aching. If anyone can make this easier please let me know.

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Hi Jacqueline,

Our app Better Reports is able to display tax reports at the state, zip and city level.

Feel free to reach out to me at to discuss further.



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The only county that I think you need to know is your own. Unless you are shipping from multiple locations around CA. For example, if you are shipping from Los Angeles to another address in Los Angeles, the tax is 7.25 CA tax + 2.25 LA tax. But if you are shipping from Los Angeles to San Francisco, you are only looking at the 7.25 CA tax. You don't need to know the San Francisco tax. This might lighten your load in trying to get the report.

That being said, I'm trying to figure out generally the same thing - I need a report that shows which of my sales are to LA and to CA. This doesn't seem available in Shopify reporting that I can find. 


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Hi Jacqueline and JB,

This is John from Data Export. Data Export is a reporting automation tool to report sales, inventory, refunds, tax, billing, fulfillment and many more custom reports.

We have created tax reports for hundreds of Shopify Sellers to report tax collected by each state, county or parish. They use our reports to file accurate Sales tax.

When creating sales tax reports, we must calulcate after discount taxable sales, shipping tax and product tax. Also, taxes are further complicated when there are refunds. Our reports will also show tax refunds (product and shipping tax) by state, county and municipality.

We have spent many hours to create and verify tax data for all states in the US. These sales tax report templates will be setup by our support team for free.

Please contact me if you have any questions.


Data Export is rated by Shopify Sellers as the best and cost-effective reporting application on Shopify.
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The State of CA has a very complex Sales Tax structure and I would suggest looking into automating this process by signing up with TaxJar. Our Accounting Firm has partnered with TaxJar and they currently work with many of our eCommerce clients. We have been very happy how the can streamline and automate your manual Sales Tax Reporting Process.

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 Hi Jacqueline3,

I'm from Report Pundit, a custom reporting and analytics app.

Report Pundit can get granular tax reports which can split by county, state, province. We can also list each tax based on product category.

Please contact us at or our live chat support if you need any assistance in creating custom tax reports.


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