Tax, Shipping, and individual line items not showing in Paypal.

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My company currently uses PayPal Payflow Pro to process all transactions from Shopify. We then export the data to Quickbooks for financial reporting. The major problem that we are having is that transactions only show up in PayPal as a lump sum. The tax and shipping are not listed as individual line items, and neither are the products. We used PPP for our Woocommerce payments before and everything from the orders was reflected within PayPal, so I know it is possible.

PayPal support has told me that they can only show the data that Shopify has sent them. Shopify support has implied that it is a problem on PayPal's end.

Has anyone else had this problem or know of a possible solution?

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Hi there - our new app called Report Toaster might be able to help - https://apps.shopify,com/report-toaster. We track order transaction detail, including shipping and taxes. We also keep track of all Paypal fees incurred on each transaction. Feel free to take a look and shoot me a note here or in live chat if you need help or have questions. Thanks!

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Hi Kevmory

I am John from Report Pundit, a reporting and analytics app in the Shopify store.

1) Report Pundit can show detailed information of each Paypal payout fetching data from Paypal API. We can also show the payout amount for the particular orders.

2) We can also show the Sales, Shipping, tax, returns for each line item in an order.

3) Report can be customized as per the needs and we have worked with some of the merchants who use Quickbooks.

You can avail 14-day free trial to test all the custom reports. Our live chat support team is available to create any custom report for free.
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