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Tax System Austria/ Europe Help

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Hello everyone,

I have recently moved to Austria, and I am starting my shopify store. my store will be a retail fashion store and I will sell clothes from multiple manufacturers mostlyfrom Europe and US. My question is:

how to set up that taxation system on shopify? I really don't understand anything and the more I read, the more I am getting confused! I plan to ship my products worldwide (I mean the Suppliers will ship it). So How to mark those taxes? Which countries I include the taxes and where not? How does that function, I truly don-t get it? How to form the price then, will there be any change for the price for different countries?

Please help out, especially if you also have a store in Austria and ship worldwide, from multiple suppliers!

Consider me a total newbie with the numbers and taxes and talk to me in plain Englsh, please 🙂 😞

Thankful for any answer 

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Hey There!

Sorry, am a bit late answering but better late than never ey... 🙂

See below for a list of stores operating successfully in Austria. Just use Austria as the country filter. The majority seem to use Stripe and Paypal as well as SOFORT Banking (DIRECTebanking) as an additional payment method.

Many seem to have their tax rate as 20% with "taxes included in their prices". Don't forget you can create some tax overrides too for special taxes within the EU monetary zone by clicking on the tax country and adding a tax override.

Check them out and feel free to contact them to discuss their business strategies with them. I'm sure most will respond to you.



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Thanks for sharing this information.

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