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Our store sells to both business customers (Ex VAT) and personal customers (Inc VAT).

Is there an easy way (or app) that I can utilise to have a Business / Personal toggle switch in a prominent position on the site which will display all prices either as Inc or Ex VAT?



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Have you looked into marking those Business customers as tax exempt?

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Thanks Jason but that's not quite what I'm after - I need a toggle switch - like this

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Did you find a solution for the tax toggle?

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I've been researching the VAT toggle issue on Shopify without much success! Did you eventually resolve the issue or find a solution?


I'd be really grateful for any insight.


Many thanks,


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I would also like this toggle button. At the moment I'm displaying both prices but finding it's slow to load.


In case it helps anyone the app we're currently using is Dual Price Display Pro. Example on the right hand side of this product