Taxes are not being displayed on my primary market in the online store

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This seems to be a bug in my opinion.


I have gotten in Contact with multiple Shopify support and have only received one solution, a solution which Is in my opinion a half measure.


Currently our Primary market is set in Germany and we collect VAT in the EU.


Somehow though there appears to be a bug. I have gone over my setting multiple times and so have the support.


VAT is collected in Germany, but the prices are not shown with VAT on the site, only in the Checkout.


At the same time VAT is also collected in Austria, and the prices are displayed with VAT everywhere.


The Proposed solution is for me to mark my products as "include tax in prices" and then adjust all my product prices to include tax (currently prices are without tax in Products). This will force me to adjust a few things in our B2B features and is quite annoying my opinion.


Im immensely frustrated with this situation and would love to know if anyone is aware of any other solutions.


Thanks in Advance

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Same Problem here! Can we get any help on this please? I'm not even sure if it's a misconfiguration or a bug ...