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Taxes calculated when importing a product

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Hello all !


I am Xristos. We have a eshop and we have 2 extra suppliers we get an csv with products.

The prices we get from suppliers are WITHOUT vat and vat should be calculated inside Shopify.


I import the products and on products it's checked to charge tax on this product. Although the calculation is wrong.


When we import the product without VAT is 5€ and if VAT is calculated should be 5x 24%vat =6,2. Instead the price showing on site and inside the product in shopify is the same 5€.


So... the price that is inside shopify in the field product is price without VAT or with VAT included since if it's showing the price with VAT i need to precalculate it before adding it to shopify through CSV.


I could charge taxes on checkout but here in Greece all customers are familiar seeing products with VAT included inside the shop and not on the checkout like it's done in USA with different sales in each state.


Looking forward for an answer since i have around 8000 products and if price need to change i need to know it in advance!

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