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Hey, I want to make my own store online where I sell digital products. For example a digital download of a document (pdf, png, etc...) and shipping is not needed at all. The only problem I seem to have is that I don't know how to set up my tax-settings. I know that I have to check the "charge VAT on digital goods", but do I need anything else? What does the "all prices include tax" mean? When I check this box, my store goes off the grid. On the homepage, product page and cart it displays the price of the product minus the taxes that is needed to be payed in my own country (norway). This is really annoying as I want to charge 15 $ (or 14.99 $) for my product, so when I sell it to my own customers here in Norway the price is 15. The problem is when I try to sell to foreign customers, where the tax is different. So for example if you want to purchase my product, but you are in Germany, you pay 11.99 $ in subtotal and 2.35 $ in taxes, to a total of 14.34 $.  And in other countries outside of Europe is just charged 11.99$. This is kind of annoying as I want to charge all of my customers 15 $ regardless of tax and VAT. If I for example uncheck the "all prices include tax" box, all the prices is set to 15 $ on homepage, cart, and at checkout, in all countries, except Norway!


So I am very confused on how this works and if I need to have the "all prices include tax". The problem with unchecking this box is the price gets increased by the VAT-rate in the customers country. I have seen that you could change the price in the store by multiplying by the VAT-rate and all the taxes, but the problem with that in my situation is that the VAT-rate is different from country to country, as you maybe have seen above.


The problem is that I can't just get the price to be 15 $, regardless of the settings that I have. What I want to have is a fixed price (15 $) regardless on location. 

Thanks for all help!

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