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Taxes in USA and Europe — EU Sole Trader // Sole Proprietor

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I want to test the waters with dropshipping using Shopify but I have some questions.
I live in Europe (Greece) and I want to sell to USA via Aliexpress (China). I am a non-US resident.

I haven't registered a business so I believe I am a sole trader - sole proprietor.
I know about the Nexus in the US and that if you sell less than $100K into a state or 200 separate annual sales
then you don’t have to charge/pay sales tax.

What confuses me is that in Woocommerce you just have to tick or untick "enable tax rates" in general settings.
But in Shopify there isn't such an option.

  1. Should I set the tax rate for my store to 0% ?
    That's the only option in Shopify to disable taxes?
    Are the taxes actually disabled when you set them to 0% ?

  2. Can I sell products to Europe from Aliexpress as a sole trader even if I don't have a registered company in Europe?
    Do I have to set again the tax rate to 0% and don't include VAT/don't collect taxes?
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