Taxes NOT exempt on Promo products / stock pull items, taxes need to remain

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Hello Shopify, I am in a serious quandary (and I believe every other store which provides promos or requires, inventory stock item pulls which they MUST record and pay tax on, is likely having or faced this issue) and I need help because it is creating a serious tax issue.

When our store needs to pull a product from stock for sample, promo, or product (something other than damange, etc) as a store, I AM REQUIRED TO PAY TAX on that item. 

I cannot seem to figure out how to created an order for stock pull, subtotal the amount (lets say $100 shows and tax is $10, that's $100 dollars) the stock pull amount is NOT a sale so the total can only be $0, so after I zero out, discount or promo the subtotal, I need the $10 tax to remain, but it doesn't no matter which way I try.

Sometimes there are sales a customer pays tax on for a product that is promo'd. How do I create an order/sale or stock pull and show taxes to pay and fullfill the order with taxes only. 

Or is ther another feature to creating a stock sample pull. I have created Stock Pull / Promo Customers etc and I'm just not finding how to do it. Please help. This is an issue on a regular basis and LAW REQUIRES TAXES BE PAID ON SOME PROMO ITEMS AND STOCK PULLS< FOR EVERYONE. So I hope Shopify complies with the ability to do so somehow.


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