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I have a store that currently only sells to the UK but sells eBooks, paperback and hardback books and audio CDs. All the books are not taxable in the UK but the CD's are. If we start selling in the EU all the products are taxable. Is there a way to set all products to be taxable but state they are 0% in UK but taxable at EU country rate if purchased from the EU.

We have been advised to set up collections - cant do this as have to be manual collections and ours are automated

Have been advised to set up product overrides - only works on manual collections

Update each product individually - really!! on thousands of products

Turn off tax for product - this means not charged in EU

Have spent ages online to support but there doesn't seem to be a solution. How can a Company as big as Shopify not have a solution to this? there must be many companies using shopify sites that need this requirement.

Hoping someone might have a solution!!

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I hope I clearly understand and be able to help.

1. Since to set up Override you need a manual collections and you seems to have thousands of products why not hire a person to do it for you.  To those know how to do it, this job should not take more than 8 hours. Here's hope this link can help:

2. You have 2 separate settings for UK and EU taxes, if you are able to set up the override for UK then all you have to do is collect taxes for EU countries. You should be able to set up overrides for each set up incase the standard set up is not applicable to what you want to happen. To show EU tax settings all you have to do is add EU countries in your shipping zones. 


I hope this helps.

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@Julia2808 Hi, did you find any solution to this?

I'm having the same problem, i have 17k+ products and can't add them manually in a collection, my shop is also located in UK, and I charge 20% and 0% tax for different sets of products.

Any help would be appreciated?

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I am having the same issue selling books from USA to EU and UK.

Shopify's  PAID feature touted to be worth paying for to collect duties and taxes cannot identify a book and tax it as a book.

Etsy can do this. Other sites can do this.

Humorously, chat support referred me to this conversation as if it might help me fix the issue. 

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Hi there, I know this is not the soltution tab but still i would like to share what i did.

I divided my products into 2 sets of collection. one was named as STD and other i named as VAT and then applied custom tax rates to both the collections manually.


Shopify is such a big platform but it has restrictions in many cases where users are helpless.

So are we.

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HI Agreeable, 

We can set up your store correctly with all reduced VAT rates for physical and downloadable products. Shopify has limited tools for that but we can manage by applying various workarounds. Generally on e has to start with manual collections ( you do not need to put items there manually - there is csv for that )  and then apply overrides. In case when you have physical and downloadable items as  variations we can propose handling VAT on the reporting side. We have a few hundred authors and printing houses issuing our IOSS and Non-Union OSS solutions. Check us at     


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