Texas Tax Rate based on My Location is wrong Because I am NOT within City limits

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I'm in Texas and am a retired Certified Public Accountant.  My zip code is 75964-3362

I have the sales tax set as automatically calculate.  Box is checked for the United States.

My physical location is listed correctly with zip code + 4, but since I'm not within the City limits, I should not be charging and collecting municipal taxes.  I should be charging Texas state 6.325% and County sales tax 1% (total of 7.25%), but the automatic calculation of taxes is also charging the City tax rate.  I am not within the City limits.  

I cannot figure out how to correct this without a tax over ride, which I would prefer not to do because I would like to use all the automatic Shopify features.

Oddly enough, when Shopify charges sales taxes to me for my monthly fee for my store, they charge the correct rate of 7.25%, not the incorrect rate of 8.25% that Shopify is automatically adding to my in-state e-commerce sales.



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Wendy, did you ever get any resolution on this issue.  I am in a similar situation where our physical location is outside the city limits