The business address are located in a different country of where I live today

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Hello all,

I would like to ask for some advice regarding the tax payment.

Background: I was born in Country A and moved to Country B. I first started a shopify account in Country B and realized that I needed company ID no. Since there are some language barriers and other obstacles I decided to start a sole proprietor in Country A.

Problem: In the shopify settings I have put the country B address as the billing address, with the company ID no. This means, I will have to pay the taxes in Country B. But if I change the address to country A in shopify settings, I would pay the Country A taxes.


  1. Which address should I go for to have least hassle of the tax payment?
  2. Is the address or where the transactions go to (my country A bank account or my country B bank account) that decides where i pay the taxes?
  3. Hypothetically speaking, if the address are set to Country A but the money transactions are going through my bank account in Country B then I am paying the taxes in country A/B?

I hope this is clear enough to understand what I am asking about

Many thank in advance!!

Kind regards,


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