The European way of shopifying!

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Hi! My name is Federico and I live in Germany, currently working on setting up a Shopify store and catering to its needs! However, I have some questions I think a lot of Europeans new to Shopify would have:


  1. Taxes! Because Germany's threshold for VAT is 100k, would this mean I need not worry about registering for one until I sell that much? Should I just not care about taxes at all (besides the ones I pay here) until I sell that much?
  2. Third party fulfilment! Before starting to order my own stock and ship it myself, I'm going to order from a PoD service based on the UK to ship my stuff (for testing what works and what doesn't). Should I charge taxes based on where the item is being shipped from? Or again, not worry about it yet?
  3. Required pages! I know this differs by country (Germany needs, AGB, Impressum, Widerrufsbelehrung and Datenschutz, while the UK may just need Terms and Conditions), but my question is: if I sell around EU, but my website is just in English, does it only need T&C? If it is in both German and English, does it need to have all the above mentioned only in the German version? Please, redirect me somewhere if you can't answer!

And that's all I want to put on a single thread without making it overwhelming! Thank you on behalf of me and any other European Shopifyers you may help!

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Hi Federico,

i may be a bit late, but i'll answer you anyway.

Regarding your first and second question i would suggest you to sit together with an accountant. The threshold vor VAT in germany is 17.500€ as far as i know.

If your business is registered in germany, you'll have to make your shop compliant to the german regulations and in this case it means, that you have to include all required pages (AGB, Impressum, Widerrufsbelehrung and Datenschutz). Trusted Shops, the Händlerbund or the IT-Rechtskanzlei are all institutions which can help you with this process.

To make your store "rechtssicher" and pass the tests from Händlerbund or Trusted Shops, you also have to make some adjustments on your theme, which i outlined in detail here:

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Hi Manuel, 

While your response was a bit late, I also had some delays and that link you shared was useful (I hadn't touched a bit of code up until now). One mention though, on step seven your code has the requirement to agree to the terms of service in English, so I kept it like that and translated with Langify anyway, but you may wanna change it :).


Thank you.

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Hi Federico, Hi Manuel!

I hope you'll get this message as I am very interested in the topic as well.

I am Italian too, working in Germany and aiming to open an E-Commerce here on I would like to double check with you on the following points, if you could help me out.

- If I open an e-Commerce in Germany without generating revenues over 17.500€ in 1 year (gross/nett?) I do not have to register my business. Is that correct?

- My shop would only sell/deliver to the USA. In this regard, living in Germany is there any Tax I should be concerned about? I know USA do not have VAT, therefore I shouldn't be adding it. 

I'd really appreciate your help.

Thank you in advance!