UK price inc tax & EU price excl tax - how?

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Hi folks, 

I'm really struggling to get an answer on this. I've read a few threads where it seems to be an issue but can't find a resolution. 

My client sells globally from the UK (NI specifically) and are VAT registered. They want to:


  1. Sell to the UK with price including VAT as you would expect.
  2. Sell to EU with price excluding tax and tax calculated during checkout depending on the country.

Shipping is included in the price at the minute so doesn't need to be calculated separately. I'm on Shopify Advanced plan if it matters and I'd prefer not to use any 3rd party apps if I can avoid it.


Any help greatly appreciated.

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NI is a bit of a special territory , for UK they are a UK VAT terrotiry and for EU it is still part of EU VAt terrory. B2C distant sales from NI to EU are subject to place of consumprion rules i.e. one has to charge VAT and can apply OSS scheme.

Try the following settings for taxation rules:  



Set collection of taxes for UK and EU.  In EU tax settings choose OSS scheme. All goods shoudl be taxable and VAT inclusive in your catalog. It should work fine for you with one exception - EU sales will also be visible as VAT inclusive in the shop and in the cart/checkout (but calcaulted with destination country VAT) , so it is not possible to show goods for EU without VAT in the store - since you collect taxes in EU. 

Hope it helps - best EU ann UK VAT complience solution - the best EU and UK VAT compliance solution.