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UK, Tax and Customs using Shopify/Oberlo settings

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I am planning to start a business drop shipping to the UK. I am worried about the custom Tax, therefore I am thinking if I find suppliers that supply from Spain or Fance (EU countries) then I can avoid the custom Tax.if I am using shopify and Oberlo. My question is:


If there is a supplier for one of the product that I am displaying in Aliexpress that has multiple places where they supply the product from (for example, Spain, France, China) , when a customer buys the product. Will the supply from destination be China? Or can I change this to be France?

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Hi @huzefa72! Gabby here from the Community Engagement team at Spocket. 


First of all, good luck with the set up of your online dropshipping business. Or, since you posted this a few months ago, hope everything is going well!


Moving forward, I was just wondering if you were able to get answers and suggestions for the issue you raised? Someone might have emailed you directly for a resolution. In any case, being that your post here doesn't have a reply yet, I wanted to ask if you'd be interested in checking Spocket out? So to introduce what it is, it's also a dropshipping app like Oberlo, with products coming from suppliers mainly based in the EU and the US. Given your concern, I think the platform would do you well in terms of fast shipping times and the avoidance of custom tax, or decreasing it rather.


Since you're planning on shipping to the UK, you can definitely view various products from suppliers based in other parts of Europe on the platform. As an example, as you'll see in the screenshot below on our catalog, we have smart filters that you can adjust to suit your needs. One of them is filtering by location, say shipping from France to the UK: 




Once you set this filter, then products that can be shipped from France to the UK will show up. Since both are in the EU, shipping times are still generally quick - around 4-7 business days as you will see for one of the products shown with this filter setting:




What are you planning to sell (or what are you selling) by the way? Some other items from our catalog might interest you. You can check out Spocket's website as well to learn more or drop a message to and a member from our Support team would be more than happy to help you out!


Hopefully you get to sign up and work with us. All the best to you!