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Unable to correctly recalculate tax lines after an edit/refund.

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I am trying to incorporate the shopify editing functionality into my app. The general gist of it is that when an order is imported from Shopify into our app, we want our order to look exactly as per Shopify (without removed items or refunded items) and if paid, our invoice to look as how it was when paid. Currently I have managed to create this process using the information in the Order object from the REST API, however the last issue I have is with the tax lines (no issue with total tax at all).  


After deducting the removed items (through editing) or refunded items from the original order, and thus recalculating the taxes, the resulting tax lines are sometimes off by one cent from the tax lines in the actual Shopify order. I have spent some time to figure out how the taxes are recalculated but was not successful.


Is it possible to find out how exactly the taxes are calculated in Shopify? 

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