Unable to set more than one base rate for taxes when you have products with different GST

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I am based in India, and I have noticed that one cannot change the tax rate based on products. 

Although you can make collections to change the IGST tax rate and the SGST tax rate, you are unable to change the CGST tax (country tax) rate if you have more than on e type of product falling in a variety of categories in the GST department. 


By this I mean, if you have a product where tax is 18% 

& your country tax for a certain product is 9% while your state SGST is 9% = 18% which is your total tax. 

now for the other provinces you will just pay 18% IGST so you substitute the above by just one tax which is 18%. 


When you have another product the tax is 12%

when setting up a tax override is it fine for the IGST tax, as it is only one tax. 

but he issue comes in when you have to break it up into  

your country tax is 6% and your SGST is 6%. 

You can change the SGST tax, but you are unable to change the country tax for the second tax category. 


Is this a problem others have come across, open t any help and solutions on this. 


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NO I am also looking for a solution   Cant FInd 1 

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No solution ...
problem persist from 2016 yet not solved

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Hi - any luck with this issue? We're facing the same problem - have products in the 5% and 12% slabs but there's no way to correctly enter this with SGST and CGST - only works for IGST. Anyone here form Shopify support who can help?