Update the taxlines at the time of checkout (urgent)

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Hi there!

I'm having a hard time in trying to find a way by which I can update the taxlines of the lineitems at the time of checkout.

Actually I'm trying to use a third party api to fetch the tax amount from there and replace the tax calculated by shopify.

Please if someone can suggest me any way.

Please its urgent.


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@Vibhuti_Choubey  I have also been chasing down this path of getting access to call an external API to get more accurate tax rates than what is available in Shopify. So far what I have found is Shopify does not expose the taxline or totaltax properties to the general users. They have a partnership with Avalara which appears to be the only partner that can interact with this. I have spent hours with Shopify Partner Support, via chats, emails and phone calls and so far have not been able to get a clear direction on how to do this. 

I believe that if you are a Shopify Plus Developer you may be given access to this. Earlier times there was a Tax Service API which was exactly what we are looking for. However this is no longer available to general users. 

Please let me know if you solved this or found a workaround.  


Shopify Partner
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I am creating a checkout using the Storefront API and my client uses Avalara - I was hoping that Avalara would update the tax lines on my checkout object automatically but it seems it does not. Do you know if there is anything we can do to trigger this update?

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Does your client have Shopify Plus and is using AvaTax app from Avalara? This is the only way sales tax will be calculated by Avalara. 

Avalara should give you the tax to pay at checkout. Is your store in Oregon or another state with no sales tax?