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we just "discovered" of the existence of a Fictious name or DBA for Online Stores and we just couldn't find a precise answer. So:

  • We Live in Florida and we have a Corporation.
  • This Corporation is registered in Florida and have an EIN and a Bank account.
  • Our website has a DIFFERENT Name.
  • Shopify account is registered under Corp Name, has Corp EIN and all data from Corp, even if the Shopify account has the form of Myshop(our website)
  • Shopify Payments are addressed to Corp Bank Account with Corp Name on It.
  • All other Payments (goods, ads, whatever) are done under Corp name and with Corp Bank Account.
  • Customers Will receive an invoice  with Website logo, but on the name of Corp. (this is our main concern and confusion...)
  1. Do we need a DBA with the name of Website??
  2. If we file for a DBA, can we keep using our Bank account with Corp Name?
  3. We are really confused and scared to have to file two different tax statements if we file for a DBA



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I have the same exact question, except I have an LLC.  We registered everything in the website though.  I havent launched yet and I am waiting to see if this thing will stick before I go through the process of getting a DBA.  But I too would like to know if we can use the same bank account and EIN as the original LLC

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Hi, honestly this was almost 2 years ago… we solved the issue by ourselves, you don’t have to register a DBA if on your website you clearly state that the ownership is of the original corp or LLC name. 

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Where do you that information about the ownership?