US Store (LLC) located in California. Do we have to charge VAT to UK/Euro customers?

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Just learning about VAT today.  We want to clone our shopify store in order to set up a different "shipping origin" address in the settings, and create a website with shipping costs calculated closer to customers in that region - by hiring a distribution point in the UK for strictly fulfillment purposes (they hold our stock, log in to our dashboard and ship for us - but all payments go to our US account and paypal - company registered LLC in California) they charge us a fee.

We are a US company located in the US.
Payments would come to our US bank account and we would charge in USD, not pounds. (using a currency converter app to help users see price conversion).
Do we have to charge VAT to UK?  VAT to Europe?
Even if our business isnt registered/located there? just hiring help to ship?

If SO - what the heck do I do next?

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