Using Shopify Buy Button for HOA membership dues and fees; Tax ID # or SS# required?

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Hi, I am the webmaster for a small, voluntary HOA in Florida. We have a volunteer board, and the HOA is a non-profit Florida corporation. We are looking for an inexpensive way to offer residents a way to pay annual dues and fees using a credit card. We want to perhaps add Shopify "Buy" buttons to our website for each of these items: Annual Membership Dues, Boat Ramp membership, Storage Lot membership, Kayak/Canoe Storage Fee, and a couple fees. We usually have about 100 to 150 residents pay these fees each spring. QUESTIONS: Would clicking on more than one Buy button add items to the visitor's CART and automatically total the purchase??? Is Shopify like PayPal in that it will process credit card payments and then deposit funds into our HOA business checking account? IF SO, can we sign up for the $5/month Buy Buttons feature using our HOA's Tax ID number (for IRS income reporting purposes) OR do you require the name and personal social security number of someone on the board? PayPal requires the name and personal SS# of an individual in authority. No one on the voluntary board wants to provide their personal SS# -- and I can't blame them. Please advise. Thank you.

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Hi there @LG698!


I can confirm that you should be able to use our Buy Button functionality in the way you have outlined here, to add products or collections to an existing site.


You could set this up so the products in question are the memberships and fees you mentioned, or you can embed them all as a collection.


There's more info here on what would happen when your Buy Button is clicked, which would depend on how you set this option yourself.


Our Buy Button FAQ here might also answer some questions you're likely to have about this sales channel.


In terms of your query about holding a payment account in the name of your association, I can confirm that for Shopify Payments it would need to be an individual person's details.


As there are compliance and underwriting practices involved here, it would not be possible to make an exception to this rule.


You can check out the other payment gateways available for use in the USA to see which other options are available to you, though they may also require a named individual's identity to verify.


Let me know if there's anything else we can clarify for you here at all!

Don | Social Care @ Shopify 
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