VAT added to B2C prices but not on B2B prices

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We're about to start B2C sales in our store that currently sells B2B.

We would like B2C prices to have VAT added, whilst B2B prices shouldn't have VAT added.
Of course the checkout should also account for this, and thus not add further VAT to the B2C orders whilst adding correct VAT to the B2B orders dependent on the customers country.

I haven't found an app that seems to do this, but we would really prefer staying on one store instead of splitting our b2c and b2b sites into two.

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Hi Madshj,

If you are not on Shopify plus you cannot do it directly in the checkout. Shopify is built for B2C sales , B2B is an exception . convert the store to B2C pricing model and try Sufio it will make it possible to sell B2B for registered customers. - the best EU and UK VAT compliance solution.