VAT being Calculated incorrectly (Rounding Error)

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Hi all,

Does anybody know where VAT is calculated and if we can influence it anywhere in the source code? At the moment shopify is incorrectly calculating VAT. 

On the transaction below, goods came to £153.08

This means GB VAT 20% should be £30.616

As per government guidelines anything above 0.5 of a penny should be rounded up. Rounding to £30.62 making the total £183.70.


Whilst this is only a penny. It makes syncing it with our other system a nightmare.

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Having the same issue with our taxes... 

It floors me that this issue still exists, considering how popular Shopify is and how many stores are using it. Our shopify order is consistently off compared to our accounting software - and we get the odd custom complaining that we over charge them on tax. 

Yes it's only a penny, but it's huge head ache.