VAT for EU, NO VAT for NON EU.

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We need to show the price of a Product with VAT included when selling to other EU countries since our web shop is based in Sweden. At the same tine we need to show the price on the Products WITHOUT the VAT for all other countries we sell to. This issue has STILL not been solved by Shopify. This is very annoying and also strange since Shopify is being a bigger and bigger player in the webshop solution market. When will this be resolved??
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Same problem, let me know if you find a solution!

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I am starting a webship from The Netherlands thinking I could sell to all countries in the world. Now that I am researching tax & import tarif regulation it's appearing to not be so easy. You are selling from Sweden. If somebody from Germany buys from you do you need to report VAT in Germany? Customers buys from me > I buy from aliexpress and send to their adress = product coming from China with me as owner so I am liable for tarifs and taxes. Atleas that's how I understand it now. How are you dealing with it?


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Hi @Andreascl,

I can see that you posted this question a long time ago, but I am happy to share the reply for people who might have the same problem as you.

With Sufio app, you can easily capture and validate EU VAT numbers from your business customers and automatically set them as tax-exempt. It is also possible to show the price on the Products without the VAT for all other countries you sell to.

In case you have any questions regarding taxes and invoicing, feel free to shoot us a message to, I will be happy to assist! 🙂


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