VAT rates automatically?

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Where to get Shopify's pre-set tax rates automatically to my tax settings? I can only see 0% on every country and can't find Shopify's tax rates anywhere. Does this mean that I have to manually insert all rates and search for tax rates for every country where I'll ship to?

I'm selling physical products from EU and ship worldwide. Taxes are included in the price. I've created the shipping zones in the shipping section.

Also how to set the tax rate for shipping cost? 


Thank you

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Shopify Partner
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Just wanted to try if somehow you need our service. I am from Zilverback, We built custom integration, automating your bookkeeping processes so you can focus on other things. 

Our integration collects data from your payment gateways and booking your orders as paid to your accounting system. We can also custom integrate different VAT settings via account numbers facilitating it in your accounting system.

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