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VAT Verification failed

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After finishing configuring my shop I proceeded to enter the VAT number. 

I'm in Sweden, and VIES page confirms my VAT is valid, but shopify still says it's invalid.

I have tried both ways, only digits or with the SE (Sweden) in front, and it doesn't look to have any effect.

I have given it some time to see if it's refreshes or something, but after more than a week it still says is invalid.

What should I do?

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I fixed it myself.

I did as follow:

I click on "I don't have a VAT number", I then input my number again, just the digits, no country letters, and then it took a while and it confirmed.

I guess I was too quick the first time I entered the number, and shopify´s system is not intelligent enough to recheck even if you click on change VAT number.


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Still not working for me